Geotechnical and Geomechanical Studies.
Geotechnical Laboratory.

Hidrological and Hidrogeological Studies

Pre-feasibility and Feasibility Studies:

  • Mining Engineering / Geology.
  • Hidrology, Hidrogeology and Hydraulic.
  • Metallurgical Process Engineering.
  • Infrastructure and Plant Engineering (Civil, Mechanical, Electrical / Instrumentation).
  • Schedule and Strategy Execution.

Supervision & Auditing of Engineering Projects and Studies.

  • Auditing of Perforations and Performance..
  • Supervision of Geomechanical, Geotechnical and Hidrogeological Perforations.
  • Auditing of Mineral Resources and Reserves.

Front End Engineering Design (FEED) - Early Engineering to begin with Procurement and EPC

Basic and detailed engineering (civil, mechanical, electrical and instrumentation):
  • Access, Platforms and Roads (Earth-Moving).
  • Camps, Maintenance Woorkshops and Warehouses.
  • Material Handling System (Conveyor, Crushing & Agglomeration Equipments).
  • Leaching System (PAD and Tanks).
  • Irrigation System, Piping and Pumping.
  • Grinding (Windmills, Pumps, Hydrocyclones) and Flotation System.
  • Thickeners, Clarifier and Filtration Systems.
  • Tailing Management System (Drains, Pipes, Pumps and Hydrocyclones)
  • Detoxification System (Merril Crowe Plant and Dore)
  • Storage and Pumping Systems (Water, air or gas Tanks, Fire Fighting System, others)
  • Electrical & Instrumentation Systems (Electric Power Lines, Substations, Transformers, MCC Room, Electrical Panels, DCS Automation System, SCADA, others)

General Metalmechanic Manufacturing Engineering.
Miscellaneous Projects Engineering (Framework Contract).
4D Engineering (Construction, Manufacturing and Assembly Simulation)


Infrastructure and Facilities:

  • Roads, Bridges and Pieces of Art.
  • Canals and Basic Sanitation.
  • Buildings.
  • Building of Concrete Water Tank.
  • Potable Water Treatment Plant.
  • Sewage Treatment Plant.


  • Foundations and Concrete Works for Crushers, Strips, Pumps, Tanks, Clarifiers, Thickeners, Filters, and all types of foundations.
  • Construction of Drains for PADs and others.
  • Tailings Dam Construction.
  • Construction of Leach PADs (Installation of Geotextiles and Geomembranes, HDPE and Solid Pipes, etc).
  • Construction and Equipping of Workshops, Warehouses and Temporary & Permanent Camps (Concrete or Steel Structures).
  • Construction of Retaining Walls, Transverse Dikes and Reinforcement& Slope Protection (Gabions, Concrete, Geotextiles, Geogrids and others).
  • Manufacture and Assembly of Steel Structures.
  • Sewerage System such as Culverts and others.


  • Foundations and Concrete Works for Pumps, Pipes, Tanks, Stationary Compressors, etc.


Infrastructure and Facilities:

  • Buildings (Water Pumping Systems, Air Conditioning, Fire Fighting System and others).
  • Installation of Equipment for Potable Water Treatment Plant.
  • Installation of Equipment for Sewage Treatment Plant.


  • Manufacture and Assembly of Steel, Carbon and Stainless Steel Tanks (Tanks of Water, Fuel, Reagents and Buffer Tank).
  • Manufacture and Installation of Hoppers and Gates, Mechanical, Hydraulic or Pneumatic driven.
  • Manufacture and Assembly of Steel, Carbon and Stainless Steel Pipes.
  • Installation and Maintenance of HDPE Pipes.
  • Installation of Vertical and Horizontal Pumps (aligned with High Precision Equipment).
  • Assembly and Installation of Crushers I, II and III.
  • Manufacture and Installation of Conveyor Belts (Static, Portable and Radial).
  • Assembly and Installation of Hoppers, Chutes, Screeners and Major Engines.
  • Assembly and Installation of Ball and Bars Mills (Lining and/or Jackets change for Vertical and Horizontal Mills).
  • Manufacture and Assembly of Hydrocyclones.
  • Assembly of Compressors.
  • Assembly and Installation of Flotation Cells.
  • Manufacture and Installation of Thickeners and Clarifiers.
  • Assembly of Concentrate Filters.
  • Assembly of Merril Crowe and Dore Plants.


  • Platforms (on shore and off shore).
  • Manufacture and Assembly of Steel, Carbon and Stainless Pipes.
  • Installation and Maintenance of HDPE Pipes.
  • Installation of Vertical and Horizontal Pumps (aligned with High Precision Equipment).
  • Fire Fighting System.

  • Assembly of Flow-meters and Solenoid Valves.
  • Assembly of Electric Power Lines and Networks.
  • Installation and Maintenance of Substations and Transformers.
  • Installation of Motor Control Center (MCCs) room and Electrical Panels.
  • Installation and Maintenance of Electrical Protection systems.
  • Installation of Fiber Optic Networks and DCS Control Systems.
  • Installation of SCADA Automation Systems.

Complete Project Development Cycle Management (Feasibility Studies, Engineering, Construction and Commissioning):

  • Execution Strategy Definition (EPCM / EPC / Others).
  • Health, Security, Environment and Community Relations Management (HSEC).
  • Construction Management (based on Lean Construction standards).
  • QA/QC Management.
  • Project Control Management (based on PMI standards).

Procurement & Contracts Management:

  • Definition of Procurement Strategy and Procurement Planning.
  • Preparation of Packages and Bidding Rules.
  • Perform acquisition of Purchases and Services.
  • Selection of Suppliers and Contractors.
  • Contract Management of Purchases and Services.
  • Contract Closing.

  • Assembly and Maintenance of Bridge Crane.
  • Maintenance and Cleaning of Equipments.
  • Maintenance of Crushers I, II and III.
  • Maintenance of Conveyor Belts (Static, Portable and Radial).
  • Maintenance of Hoppers and Chutes.
  • Maintenance of Screeners.
  • Maintenance of Major Engines.
  • Maintenance of SAG, HPGR, Ball and Bars Mills (Lining and/or Jackets change for Vertical and Horizontal Mills).
  • Maintenance of Flotation Cells and Hydrocyclones.
  • Maintenance of Compressors.
  • Maintenance of Thickeners and Clarifiers.
  • Maintenance of Concentrate Filters.